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Essential Design Principles for Creating Effective Thumbnails!

Thumbnail creation is a complicated task for many. Although there are dozens of platforms to create compelling thumbnails for eCommerce stores, websites, and video-sharing networks, people struggle to develop captivating thumbnails.

Thumbnail creation is a complicated task for many. Although there are dozens of platforms to create compelling thumbnails for eCommerce stores, websites, and video-sharing networks, people struggle to develop captivating thumbnails.

The problem with most people is that they don’t know the key thumbnail design principles. They must understand that it is the design principles that differentiate ordinary and extraordinary thumbnails.

If you want to learn about the basic thumbnail design principles, this article is for you.

Here they are!

1.   Carefully Select the Template

When you start designing a thumbnail with an online YouTube thumbnail maker, you should first explore all the templates. Usually, some content creators or web admins only use one type of template for all their thumbnails. However, this is not the right approach. Instead, choose a Youtube thumbnail maker that offers templates that perfectly match your videos, content, or page.

A channel art maker offers almost all kinds of templates that users want. For instance, they provide templates for vlogs, comparative videos, music videos, animation videos, educational videos, etc. So, when you already have built-in templates for all kinds of videos, you should not rely on one particular template for everything. Instead, you should bring some diversity and choose the most suitable templates according to your content.

2.   Upload Appropriate Images

Images are an essential component of thumbnails. Whether you are designing thumbnails for your videos or websites, you must add images to thumbnails to enhance their visual appeal and guide viewers about the content. Plus, the images also enhance the curiosity of readers/viewers and encourage them to play the video or open the webpage.

In addition, images also build an emotional connection, and they have more power than words. That’s how they can enhance the click-through rate and increase engagement. On the other hand, thumbnails consisting of only text are less likely to form a connection and force viewers to click to explore more.

However, while selecting images for thumbnails, you must analyze your needs and choose or design the relevant pictures that perfectly communicate what the readers/viewers will get after clicking the link. Moreover, you should also add them more engagingly.

3.   Add Text

Sometimes the images you add to your thumbnails don’t provide much information about the videos or the web pages. They don’t even perfectly communicate the basic theme. That’s where the text comes in handy. While designing thumbnails, you must add text to them.

Users can preview your content without opening it by reading the text. Many internet users carefully read the text to learn what they will get when they open the web page or video. That’s why you would have seen that from ordinary YouTube channels with only a few hundred subscribers to the best channels on the platform, almost everyone uploads thumbnails and adds text to provide viewers more context.

4.   Select a Relatable Font Style

You must remember that adding images and text is not enough to create a visual appeal. You should also pay attention to the font style. When it comes to thumbnails or any other type of design, font styles matter a lot. That’s why you would have seen that many organizations, websites, content creators, and even academia are very serious about font style.

Choosing the right and relatable font style is essential to make your thumbnails more visually appealing, showcase brand personality, and convey information without confusion.

Font style also reflects the content tone. So, choose a font style that reflects the overall tone of your content. That’s how you can easily communicate the overall atmosphere and guide viewers on what type of content they will explore.

5.    Remember Color Psychology

Colour psychology is another crucial thing to consider while creating web designs. When you study colour psychology and understand the psychological effects the colours leave on viewers, you can easily choose a great colour palette that can evoke certain emotions and catch viewers’ attention.

With the help of the right colour combinations, you can also resonate your thumbnails and content with the brand’s personality. It can help you grow faster than anticipated and enhance your visitor count.

6.   Stay Consistent

It could be helpful if you stay consistent with most things related to your website or channel. For example, when you stay consistent with colour psychology, font style, and type of text, you gradually build a connection with your viewers.

Moreover, consistency can also help you stand out from the competition.


If you want your thumbnails to help you catch viewers’ attention and bring more traffic to your web pages or videos, you must remember the basic thumbnail design principles. Otherwise, you may not be able to create extraordinary thumbnails and waste all of your efforts. This article has highlighted almost all the basic principles of thumbnail designing. You can understand them and create thumbnails that can significantly impact your traffic.

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