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[Funding alert] Cybersecurity startup SubCom raises $1 mn in Seed round

[Funding alert] Cybersecurity startup SubCom raises $1 mn in Seed round

Deeptech Cybersecurity startup SubCom (Subconscious Compute) has raised $1 million in a seed funding round from YourNest Venture Capital, ISV Capital and an existing investor, Entrepreneur First.

Many investors including Bikky Khosla (Chairman TradeIndia), Varun Alagh (Founder, MamaEarth) Harjot Gill (Founder, FluxNinja) & Netsil, and some senior executives from Google, Netflix & Visa, participated in this round.

SubCom was founded in December 2020 by Anter Virk and Dilawar Singh, It provides endpoint observability through ‘Habituation Neural Fabric’.

This AI-powered technology allows users to view and manage the confidence scores of their endpoints such as laptops, mobile phones and IoT devices in real-time.

“End-users and endpoints are the weakest links in the cybersecurity chain today. Covid-19 increased the threat landscape for endpoints, and ransomware threats are growing exponentially. With SubCom, users can see the endpoint trust score, adopt recommended measures to harden security, and observe and mitigate threats like ransomware and zero-day in real-time”,  Said, Anter Virk, Co-founder & CEO, SubCom.

Similar to biological intelligence, Subcom’s habitual neural fabric learns to distinguish between real threats and safe signals, the company said.

It specializes in processing volumes of data right at the end point and picking up anomalies in real time with unprecedented accuracy.

The company also said that SubCom quickly analyzes, categorizes and quantifies detected irregularities in a simple, easy-to-understand trust score for the user.

“While cybersecurity is essential to protect any operations in any business, cybersecurity assurance remains an elusive goal since it is not the core competency of most organizations. SubCom’s Habituation Neural Fabric is a game-changer, helping everyone tackle an Internet that remains weaponized by anonymous hackers with ephemeral footprints”, Said, Ranjeet Shetye, Partner, YourNest Venture Capital.

About SubCom

With their ‘Habituation Neural Fabric’ based endpoint security platform, you can observe and manage the Trust Score of your endpoints in real-time!

Stay Ahead With SubCom:

– Adopt proactive, AI-driven security for your devices and data with minimal manual intervention

– Unleash actual endpoint performance; SubCom uses just a fraction of resources to deliver performant defense.

– Embrace a culture of cyber assurance; SubCom automates protection while you focus on your core competencies.



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