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[Funding alert] Cub McPaws raises $2.2 mn from Facebook, Google executives

Kids clothing brand Cub McPaws
Kids clothing brand Cub McPaws

Kids clothing brand Cub McPaws has raised $2.2 million funding in its pre-Series A round from senior executives from Facebook, Google, and a few family offices. In this round existing investors also participated.

Mumbai-based startup was founded in 2016 by Abhay Bhat, Kathirvel Kandaswami, Kinnar Shah, Cub McPaws is a kids clothing company that offers premium online clothes with easy and secure online payments and fast delivery.

Abhay Bhat, co-founder of Cub McPaws, said, “We are building the world’s most kids centric company. Everything we do – from products to the platform – ignites curiosity in kids’ minds, the most important trait of childhood. Our unique tech-driven ecosystem is specifically designed for kids in Generation Alpha – the digital native kids born after 2010.”

Last year in November 2021, the startup launched an integrated platform for kids that aims to enable content creators of the future. Children can create their own content, do activities with close friends, and inspire each other to be better versions of themselves.

 “Data suggests that outside of educational expenses parents in India spend approximately Rs. 160K per child per year on consumer goods purchases for kids. There are 70Mn kids in our target segment in India alone. Our unique approach can consolidate this large $150Bn market,” he added.

Kinnar Shah, co-founder of Cub McPaws, said, “Our revenue grew 951% over the past 7 quarters with a 14% increase in our gross margins. In a very short period of time, we have become among the top 3 fastest growing brands in our segment across various channels. The newly infused capital will help us rapidly scale our ecosystem by ensuring consistency of supply to meet increasing consumer demand and investing in branding and technology. We have received a strong interest from global markets and we have started exploratory discussions to take Cub McPaws experience to these markets,”

The platform has so far garnered over 100K installs since its launch, mainly powered by word of mouth.   

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