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How This Coolie’s son, PC Musthafa, Built A Rs 3000 Cr. Empire | iD Fresh Food

How This Coolie’s son, PC Musthafa, Built A Rs 3000 Cr. Empire, iD Fresh Food?
How This Coolie’s son, PC Musthafa, Built A Rs 3000 Cr. Empire, iD Fresh Food?

Many of you must have enjoyed idly and dosa batter at iD Fresh Food, but have you heard the inspiring story of this Coolie’s son, PC Musthafa, who built an empire?

About Coolie’s son, PC Musthafa

Meet the man, PC Musthafa, who is the CEO and founder of iD Fresh Food. iD Fresh Food, which today’s valuation is approximately Rs 3000CR. The story begins from Kerala’s Wayanad. Musthafa had a tough start. He comes from a poor family, where his father used to work as a daily wage coolie and only earned Rs 10 per day working on a ginger farm.

Musthafa failed in 6th grade; he dropped out of school at the age of 10, and started working on a ginger farm with his father. During this period, Musthafa’s math teacher, Mathew Sir, observed his absence from the classroom. He went to the farm, where Musthafa was working with his father. Both Uppa and his math teacher tried to persuade him, but he refused to listen. Furthermore, his Math teacher, Mathew Sir, asked a question that completely changed his life.

What question changed his life?

The question was, “When you grow up, do you want to struggle like your father or be a teacher like me and support your dad?” This question led him towards success. He continued to go to school, worked hard, and became a top student in 10th grade, with the best grades ever recorded at the school. After that, he finished his junior college education on a scholarship and completed his engineering with the support of his college professors. Furthermore, after so many efforts, Musthafa got a well-paying job but he left his job.

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How Musthafa’s entrepreneurial journey started?

Musthafa and his cousins noticed that there were frequent complaints about the quality, hygiene, and service of the ready-made batter. Although his cousins tried to resolve the issue, however the problem remained.  That’s when to solve this issue, Shamsudeen, one of his cousins, suggested that “we make the batter ourselves.” That’s how iD Fresh Food was born with his 4 cousins.

What is iD Fresh Food?

In 2005, a Bangalore-based food product company, iD Fresh Food, was founded by Musthafa and his 4 cousins: Shamsudeen TK, Abdul Nazer, Jafar TK, and Noushad TD. The company produces a variety of fresh foods, including idly/dosa batter, paneer, parotas, chapatis, and curd. The company is now an INR 3000 crore brand with a presence across India, US, UK, Oman and Saudi. 

PC Musthafa’s father used to earn Rs. 10 a day, but now he has built an empire worth Rs. 3,000CR. PC Musthafa is an inspiration!

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