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Top Climate Tech Startups In India

Climate Tech Startups In India
Climate Tech Startups In India
Climate Tech Startups In India
Climate Tech Startups In India

Climate tech startups play a very important role in fighting against climate change, they use innovative technology and sustainable practices to address environmental challenges. India is the world’s most populated country, which is why it faces lots of issues related to pollution, energy consumption, and waste management. Realizing the urgent need for green solutions, more entrepreneurs and investors are focusing on climate tech to reduce the harmful effects of climate change and promote a green economy. These startups are working in various areas such as renewable energy, electric vehicles, waste management, and sustainable farming.

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In this article, we will some top and most promising climate tech startups.

1. Wastelink

It is a New Delhi-based startup, where that Transforms food waste into nutritious animal feed. Globally, One-third of all food produced is wasted, and in India, this figure rises to 40%. Millions of people and animals suffer from hunger and malnutrition, and we cannot remain silent. Wastelink helps food manufacturers and retailers by converting their surplus and rejected products into animal feed.

Their formulations cater to every life stage of cattle, poultry, aqua, swine, and pets. This circular economy solution not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions from waste disposal but also helps food brands in making money.

2. The Energy Company

It is a Bangalore-based Renewable energy company that specialises in solar, batteries, and EV charging stations. They developed fast energy charging solutions for Electric vehicles, aiming to make sustainable energy accessible and appealing to the masses.

They assist mobility users in adopting electric vehicles by offering faster, cheaper, and more reliable batteries that last at least 5 years without significant degradation. Their Data-enabled energy platform ensures superior control over batteries, provides battery analytics, and prepares them for second-life applications.

3. Carbon Masters

Carbon Masters is a climate tech- “carbon management company” offering comprehensive waste management solutions for both dry and wet. Their mission is to create practical solutions that are both environmentally friendly and profitable. They also help organisations in reducing their carbon footprint and adapt to the unavoidable impact of climate change by changing their fossil fuel with innovative, clean energy solutions.

4. Turno

Turno, an “EV-focused fintech company”, helps commercial vehicles operates switch to EVs. They offer a wide range of EVs from partner manufacturers, affordable financing, and battery value guarantees to ensure EV owners get the most value.  The company offers various financing options to help people buy electric vehicles. They also provide loans with a very low down payment of INR 49,000 ($633), instant approval, and a buy-back guarantee.

5. StepChange

StepChange is creating a cutting-edge urban sustainability platform to help leading companies and brands advance their sustainability efforts using science-based methods. Their platform guides users to Measure their impact, reduce emissions, report their results, and empower employees all in one place. It is designed by climate scientists and technology experts to support a comprehensive sustainability journey.

6. The ePlane Company

The ePlane Company is a deep-tech startup that was founded by an IITM professor and student. Their mission is to build flying taxis which are 10X faster. They have a team of professional employees who are experts in aerospace, electrical, AI, and manufacturing. They also made drones for industrial applications, aiming to transform the mobility landscape with aerial transport that is economical, safe, and eco-friendly.

7. LoopWorm

LoopWorm is a Biotech Agritech startup, they are creating a highly protein-rich diet for fisheries and poultry farms by cultivating insects using food waste that would otherwise go to landfills. They transform waste into protein by farming ‘Black Soldier Fly Larvae’ on food waste to produce premium animal feed and pet food. The company has also secured $3.4 Mn from Omnivore WaterBridge Ventures and others.

8. DroneBase

DroneBase, is a top company in aerial imaging. They use drones to provide pictures, video, and data from the air.  DroneBase has found a way to solar energy inspections and data collection more efficient. In 2021, DroneBase acquired AirProbe, an Indian data analytics company. They use drones with thermal imaging to find faults in solar cells as well and they also improve their efficiency with the help of AI. With this acquisition, DroneBase will now inspect an additional  22 GW of solar energy systems, increasing the total wind and solar energy assets under their inspection to over 59 GW.

9. Stealth

Stealth was founded with a mission to make innovative solutions for accelerating the transition to clean and sustainable energy. It was founded in 2022 by Gazal, She is also recognized as a World Economic Forum-Young Global Leader and a Forbes 40 under 40. Many entrepreneurs claim to operate in stealth mode to prevent competitors from stealing their ideas, particularly if the idea is straightforward and just by hearing it can be.

10. Ossus Biorenewables

Ossus Biorenewables is a bioenergy company that produces biorenewable energy to generate biohydrogen and chemicals for wastewater. They use the chemical content of oil and gas industry effluents as a source of decentralised power. They also provide equipment called Ossus BioHardware, which can produce biohydrogen on-site using wastewater.  They use advanced technology that uses microbial cell factories to produce biohydrogen and metals from renewable sources like industrial waste, municipal sewage, and polluted water bodies. It helps users to access clean energy and also recover green chemicals from wastewater.


Climate tech startups not only address critical environmental challenges but also drive economic growth and innovation.  By promoting sustainability and using advanced technology these startups play an important role in reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy, and creating green jobs. These startups play a crucial role in making a sustainable future for India as well as the world.

Faqs – Climate Tech Startups

What is the future of climate tech startups in India?

The future of climate tech startups is promising, as the demand is increasing and with the support of government policies and a growing ecosystem the startup’s future is very good.

How are investers helping these startups?

They Support climate tech startups by providing funding and mentorship.

How indian government is helping these Startups?

Indian government i helping thee startups by making favourable policies and taking some initiatives like offering subsidies and funding.

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