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[Funding alert] Brown Foods raises $2.36 mn in funding from Y Combinator, others

[Funding alert] Brown Foods raises $2.36 mn in funding from Y Combinator, others

Cell cultured milk platform Brown Foods has raised $2.36 million in seed funding round from Y Combinator, AgFunder, SRI Capital, Amino Capital, Collaborative Fund and angel investors such as Kunal Shah.

The startup plans to use these funds to scale up operations and accelerate product development.

The US and India-based Brown Foods was founded by IIT-Delhi alumni Sohail Gupta, Avhijeet Kapoor and Bhavna Tandon in 2021, It offers lab-based animal-free milk under the brand ‘Unreal Milk’.

The startup claims that its product is made using mammalian cell culture technology.

It also claims that its product is ‘exactly identical’ to cow’s milk in terms of nutritional profile, taste, texture and can also be processed into butter, cheese and ice cream.

The company plans to disrupt the $700 billion traditional dairy market as the company begins the process of scaling up and eventually bringing its Unreal milk product to market.

Brown Foods estimates that its process reduces milk’s carbon footprint by up to 90% – no small feat, given that the dairy sector is responsible for 4% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, while Livestock emissions together account for 14.5% of global emissions.

According to a report, India is the world’s largest milk producer, contributing 23% to the global milk production and the market size of India’s dairy industry is expected to grow to $355 billion by 2025.

About Brown Foods

They are a Stanford, Rice University and IIT Delhi alumni venture making the next generation of food and dairy products, which are animal-free and sustainable. Currently, they are working on UnReal Milk, aiming to disrupt the $700 billion global dairy industry and change the way they have thought about milk for centuries.



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