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Back to the roots: LA FIZA fashion startup is breathing fresh life into Indian ethnic wear market || Ayaan Ali Ashrafi

Ayaan Ali Ashrafi Founder of LA FIZA
Ayaan Ali Ashrafi Founder of LA FIZA

Lockdown hits everyone hard whether it’s a business person or a normal middle-class person mentally as well as financially. But there is saying “Where there’s a will there’s is a way”. Ayaan Ali Ashrafi started his clothing brand “LA FIZA” in March 2020. He is the founder and creative head of LA FIZA.

A start with nothing and successfully sustained in two lockdown period
After completing PG Diploma in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising from Neewara Academy of Design, Jaipur. He used to work as a reseller of other brands. He worked for 2 years, made his customer base and gained trust and confidence from his customers. In March 2020 he registered his own brand.

In December 2020 he felt like he is not doing well because he used to get the work done by an agency that made their website and social media complete mess. So, he had to remake the website and Instagram account from 0 followers. It cost them many bucks but they had to make decision for the better future and now they are doing well.

He says that “Patience and Consistency” is the biggest factor of success in his career. Despite being the fact that it was lockdown for so long time, he successfully generated a good amount of revenue. He says that he had faced 2 lockdowns that hit them hard after registering their brand but what made them successful is his never gave up on his dream.

LA FIZA is a clothing brand which cover Design, Manufacture and sell directly to their customers. Products are mainly in women’s ethnic wear, footwear, western wear and accessories. They also manufacture apparels and jutties for many brands and designer. This company they try to become zero wastage sustainable company by making accessories from the wastage of fabric. Their eco-friendly and recycled packaging makes them environment friendly brand.

LA FIZA also ship worldwide and delivered successfully to USA, UK, UAE, Hong Kong, Japan etc. Currently they are having their official Stockist in Hong Kong and UAE and also looking forward to expand to other countries too near in future.

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