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This agriculture startup is making organic food more accessible through D2C grocery brand | Gau Organics

Gau Organics
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Kota-based Gau Organics was founded in 2016 by three brothers Gagan Deep Singh, Aman Preet Singh, and Uttam Jyot Singh.

Gau Organics is a startup based on organic FMCG products which provide employment to 4000 households and more than 55 farmers daily.

They offer pure and organic products from the farm to their customers. Their products include pure cow’s ghee, milk, and pure honey made in the forests.

Their 80-acre farm is 100% self-viable with every single one of the assets needed for any farming. They have designed a solar pump structure for water harvesting. 80 KW Biogas plant with 24×7 continuous power supply and Methane gas supply to fuel ovens on the farm for cooking purposes.

Gau Organics
Gau Organics

They are seventh-generation farmers who are inspired by ancient food science & sustainability. Their farming practices are guided by the principles of natural farming. They bring food to our table which is holistic, honest & traceable to its source.

They nurture crops to enrich life with the flavour of health and wellness in the era of adulterated food and polluted lands. Gau Organics strives to fill stomachs with love and hearts with contentment without compromising the earth or human health.

The startup’s products pass all quality tests from certified laboratories like fssai, GMO and ISO.

They are also selling cow dung online via platforms such as Amazon, and Flipkart which is getting good responses from buyers from different parts of the country.

Along with this, the company has installed Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) on their livestock which helps them to track the health and nutrition of cattle from anywhere in the world.

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