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A Story from a School Dropout to Rs 30,000 Cr. Worth Company, Zerodha

A Story from a School Dropout to Rs 30,000 Cr. Worth Company, Zerodha
A Story from a School Dropout to Rs 30,000 Cr. Worth Company, Zerodha

At 14, dropped out of school, now built an empire worth Rs 30,000 Cr.

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Today we will know the whole story of Nikhil Kamath, co-founder and CFO of Zerodha. Without spending a single rupee on marketing, this man became the youngest self-made millionaire in India, generating Rs 6875 Cr in revenue with no funds from investors and making a profit of Rs 3000 Cr.

The Story of Nikhil Kamath

The story begins from the house, where everyone did 9 to 5 jobs; Nikhil’s father was employed at Canara Bank, and his mother worked as a Veena teacher. He also had the same plan: he would do the job. But his friends completely changed his entire life. During his school days, he maintained connections with his Marwari friends, with whom he often engaged in discussions about the stock market. In school, he became addicted to stock trading.

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Nikhil’s entrepreneurial journey started

When, at the age of 13, he will not be allowed to trade, so do you know what he did? He opened his account with his mother’s name and started trading. But all the invested money became zero. Then he thought, it’s okay, let’s borrow the money. However, this money also vanished.

As a result of everything, studies also suffered and got left behind. That’s why at the age of 14, he decided to drop out of school. His parents also supported him. In 2001, the stock market crashed, and he felt that he had to do a job.

A lesson that led him towards success

Furthermore, he started working at a call center for Rs 8000. But he had an incredible enthusiasm for trading, and that’s why he used to trade in the morning and work in a call centre in the evening. However, as it says, “There are no mistakes or failures, only lessons.” This experience led him to become a brilliant stock trader.

In the beginning days of trading, Nikhil made many mistakes. However, every time he analysed it, he found that this time I lost my money due to this mistake, and by analysing it gradually, he corrected his mistake every time. This experience led him to become a brilliant stock trader. And he says, “There has been no loss since 2003-4.”

Nikhil as a sub-broker

One day, he met a US man in the gym and told him about his stock market trading. The US man became impressed and gave him a cheque for Rs 25 lakh, and after that, the number of clients increased day by day. Then someone suggested him to become a sub-broker.

In 2006, Nikhil joined Reliance Money and began to make significant profits by starting his own brokerage. But, in 2008, again, the stock market collapsed. As a sub-broker, he managed to generate substantial income from his expertise, even during the difficult period of financial crisis.

What inspired him to become entrepreneur?

When he was working, as a sub-broker, he became aware of his poor broker experiences and observed a wide variety of brokers all around him. Then he thought that I should make such a product that can help all the brokers.

Furthermore, he was determined to make a difference for brokers and began pitching for funds. However, the global financial crisis led to the rejection of his proposal by multiple investors. That’s why he decided to start with bootstrapping. 

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About Zerodha

Finally, in 2010, Duo Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath bootstrapped and founded Zerodha. Zerodha, Bangalore-based company to overcome the hurdles he faced during his decade-long stint as a trader. Today, this company has changed the landscape of the Indian broking industry. This includes online trading, financial networking and knowledge centers, stock trading, commodity trading, currency trading, discount broking, and fintech.

  • The business is present in 9 Indian cities.
  • It is also an official member of NSE’s growing business consultative committee.
  • With over 4.5 lakh crores of equity investments, Zerodha has the trust of over 1.5 crore consumers.

Only Nikhil’s incredible enthusiasm was that led him towards success. Nikhil is an inspiration!

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