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1000 Student startups shortlisted in “Business Blasters” led by Delhi Govt

 Business Blasters Project by Delhi Govt
Business Blasters Project by Delhi Govt

Business Blasters project is a practical component of the EMC curriculum for classes XI and XII, where students are given seed money (Rs. 2000 each)  to build on an idea that generates profit, or solves a social problem.

What Is The Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum in Business Blasters?

The Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (EMC) was introduced in Delhi Government Schools in 2019 for grades 9-12, to enable students to take charge of their career paths and explore their potential to the fullest. The curriculum hopes to inculcate a problem-solver’s mindset in students. It focuses on honing qualities and abilities such as identifying opportunities, trying something new , bouncing back from failures and persevering – to help students become successful in a business or in a job. The EMC hopes to prepare students to grow up to be job providers, not merely job seekers

Business blasters project will enable EMC students to demonstrate their problem-solving ability by creating value through:

• Innovation that can be applied to multiple needs or problems

• Identifying and fulfilling a need in the marketplace

• taking up a problem in a community and solving it efficiently



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